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 Peach Permanent Lighting Trimlight

Lights Made For Life Moments

Peachtree Permanent Lighting Installs Permanent Holiday & Year Round Programmable Lighting, Providing bright, beautiful & customizable lighting for homes & businesses.

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lighting system is designed to be energy efficient with long-lasting LED bulbs

What is Permanent Lighting 

​At Peach Permanent Lighting, we are proud to offer an innovative, patented lighting system that is professionally installed and requires no seasonal maintenance. Our permanent lighting is installed to the outside of your home, meaning that you never have to worry about hanging Christmas or holiday lights ever again. Our lighting system is designed to be energy efficient with long-lasting LED bulbs that can be controlled with a smartphone or voice-activated assistant. With Peach Permanent Lighting, your home will be lit up with the perfect ambience all year round.

These amazing Globe Lights are the newest and most innovative programmable lighting available! Perfect for outdoor holiday decorating, they can be used with your current lighting system or as a stand-alone product. Their innovative design adds a beautiful touch to any outdoor display. And with their easy installation and programmable settings, they make decorating for the holidays hassle-free. Get your Globe Lights today and start creating your perfect holiday display!

Globe Lights  Peach Permanent Lighting

The Edge Controller is the perfect way to light up your home for every holiday, sporting event and special occasion. With its user-friendly app, you can control your house lights from anywhere in the world and choose from millions of colors, patterns, and animations to add a personal touch to your home. Brighten up your holidays and special occasions with the Edge Controller!

New Edge Controller Peach Permanent Lighting

Holiday Lighting

Peach Permanent Lighting is the perfect solution for your lighting needs. Our lights provide bright, beautiful lighting to your home or business year-round. With our mobile user-friendly app, you can easily change your lights when the seasons change, or just to switch up your look. With our energy efficient LED lights, you can rest assured that you are saving money and helping the environment. Get a free quote.

Simple To Use App

Our Mobile App is a user-friendly and cutting-edge way to control and customize your lighting. Program millions of colors, patterns, and animations to suit any holiday or event. With 180 pre-set programs, you can quickly and easily customize your lighting to match any mood or occasion. Enjoy the convenience and creativity of our App Controlled Lights!

Made For Life's Moments!

Add a touch of sparkle to your holiday decorating with our App Controlled Lights! Our led christmas lights are perfect for decorating the outside of your home for the holidays, providing virtually unlimited color and animations for customers to control and set their lights how they like. Our lighting system is hardly noticeable and provides a bright and beaufiful holiday and year round lighting to your home or business at a nice price.

Benefits of Lighting

Benefits of permanent holiday lighting
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